Hello world!

Hello world!

I currently graduated from USC Biochemistry in 2008, went to New York to expensively play for a few months and then went back to SC and graduated “again” with a second degree in Italian.

For the past 6 months I have been living in LA back with my parents unemployed with very promising prospects of applying to Medical School. In the last six months, I have taken the MCAT, learned how to cook reasonably, do yoga mindlessly, speak German barely and live totally happy!!

I’m definitely happy with life and my vacation-esque lifestyle but it is about time I start to grow up and ill blog about it and let you all know how it goes!!!

I’m going to try to be efficient and regularly blog. I do have a lot to talk about; I write countless emails about my daily encounters to many of my friends local and long-distance. Having lived in Los Angeles, California, Manhattan, New York and Verona Italy there is a lot I can share, just read my yelp reviews. Lol!!!!!


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