Markie Mark

Last weekend i was in San Diego watching one of my best friends playing one of the most important games of his life and he did it while most of the American population was watching. Two days ago he called me to see if i was joining his family and best friend to go watch him against the colts and i said No.

I thought deeply about why i said No, because at the specific moment that Markie Mark called, I was working on personal statements for Medical School and i knew that this weekend was going to be crucial for writing. The sun is finally out, ive had enough exercise and I had a good few days with him and my family and friends. I could finally get serious, sit down and write. But its Saturday afternoon and I’ve spent the last twenty four hours off and on writing.

Writing about me is fun. But I think when i write about me, i also write about Markie Mark and his passion for football. Now i know being a professsional athlete is a one in a million chance, but when you go to a school like USC to play a sport your chances get much better to become a professional athlete. Turn on ESPN now and youll see one of our players. Being a doctor is like being a football player, it takes practice, dedication, a good head on your shoulder, a good support system and knowing how to market yourself.

I am about done writing my personal statement, i just sent it to a professor who will edit it and as soon as i do Ill take the next flight out to join one of my best friends on one of the biggest days of his life.

Fight On!!!! Go Trojans! Go Jets!!!!


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  1. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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