Starting a new year!!!

William Fichtner

One of my favorite things is the opening scene of The Dark Knight, where the robber is holding the clown mask and walking towards the bank. But my favorite part is William Fichtner. He is impressive. Cinematically its one of the best scenes in the movie and its not even the scene with Christian bail without a shirt on. There are alot of scenes from movies that i Love to watch at the end of January.

Unlike everyone else, my resolutions, my new years start on a Tuesday a few weeks after January 1. Why? Because there is no longer the pressure of starting over. I like starting over but not when I am suppose to. I have always done thing how i am suppose to and luckily I have done them really well. I am 23 with 2 degrees from USC, Ive travelled the world and have met a lot of great people and made some of my best friends.

This Tuesday three of my best friends and I are starting over. Kind of. See we all hate our jobs or are at a waiting point. My best friend Mark has some time off right now for six weeks, so he is just focusing on having fun and helping the rest of us out, figure out how we can also achieve our dreams.  Then there is my best friend Ace, who i have known since i was four. He works in marketing and he neither loves it nor hates it, but he’s been there almost a year and he is starting to get bored. Then there is Marie, i have known her four months, but she is marrying my boys bestfriend so we see each other alot. She’s like me except taller, thinner and blonder. She wants to relax so we decided the way we were going to go about and do this is to write a blog and to start/continue working out and reading more novels and watching more movies.

I got to pick the movie and the book. The book is Edward Kennedy’s Memoir “True Compass” because I am half way through and besides being JFKs brother neither one of them knows anything about the Kennedys.

The movie is The Dark Knight and Dirty Dancing. Because they are my favorite movies.


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