The iPad



Wow so i have spent the last two days playing with the iPad. I must state for the audience that it is really awesome! Im a huge fan of the sony reader, huge!!! But the iPad does what the reader does with the extra little gadgets that the iPhone does.

I am at&t and have always been, but i am not a iPhone girl, i am a blackberry girl. Yes i am a macbook pro girl. Having friends who work at Sony i invested in the reader early on about 3 years ago and maybe six months ago, i felt i needed to upgrade. I fell in love with the ebook all over again, and i thought there is no way you can beat this!!! As far as the reader goes that is all you need, but we Americans know that its not always about what we need but what we want.

Two days ago, my friend, who asked not to be named but is the eldest son of an executive vice president at apple, got a iPad from his father. Naturally he has an iPhone, an iTouch, a classic iPod and a nano and even a mac book air and a pro. You can say he has officially mastered all the mac products. Ive always thought his gadgets were cool enough but never have i been blown out of the water like the new iPad. I loved it!!!!!

Playing with the new iPad is like falling in love all over again!!! Its breathtaking and you cant stop talking about it! I hope everyone has a great day!!

PS. I am not selling or condoning the purchase of any product, i am merely giving my opinion on a product! Although I love the iPad i will  not get one because i just spent half the price on a new sony book reader and the iPad is too expensive!!!!

Nanc W


One response to “The iPad

  1. The Apple folks are having a very hard time getting people, including reviewers, to see the distinction between the iPad and iPhone. Really, it’s bigger. That’s what they should say. And while some people may be used to watching video, for instance, on the iPhone (bigger screen than other smart phones, but still pretty small), others like the iPad because it’s closer to TV size. That’s it’s appeal, and they should stick to that. It’s still a sizable audience.

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