To the true land of tiramisu

Old Apartment in Verona, Italy

This morning i woke up. Like every other morning, i took Shia Lebouf (my lab) on a run and came home to freshly brewed coffee. Around 11:30 my father comes home and i tell him about this medical school i have been researching in Italy and i really wanted to see what the deal was about studying there in English, but i didnt think i could it while in California.

We discussed a couple different options, calling friends in Italy, bothering family but after convincing him that the geographical and language barriers where too much for me to put my future on the line for. He agreed it be best if i went to Italy if i promised to make a reservation and drive them to their dinner on Valentines day. Basically I am opting out my Valentines day for a two week trip to Europe.

This morning i was having coffee with Tiramisu creamer and in less than a month i will be eating tiramisu at the gates of Romeo and Juliets home again. I will also be researching and busy trying to get into medical school in Italy but it is definitely a trip worth taking.

I am one step closer to getting into med school, i do not have time to wait around til february for interviews so now im just setting my self to have more options, and when i do. I will be better informed to make a reasonable decision. Life is what i make it, and if i get a chance to study medicine where the romans and gladiators fought, and juliet and romeo fell in love. Well then i might take that chance.


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