Tutoring or Cheerleader!!!

When i was in elementary school, i went outside to play or was between my own dance or softball practice, or carpooling between my older brother. My mom managed all of our lives without much help but we never really had time for private tutors and we didnt really need them or so i thought.

When i started at USC, i had a bit of a harder time memorizing things. I had taken SAT classes but apparently so had my classmates and they had also taken Kumon and Silvan when they were really young. Being competitive I managed to teach myself alot of little tricks that the tutors taught my classmates, but i didnt cover it all. For instance my geography and history is really weak. Were as i can tell you that Kennedy was president in the early 60’s my roommate can probably repeat his inauguration speech. Lol, probably not!!!!

Anyways back to the topic at hand. Today i tutored a 53 year old women who was learning science, mostly respiratory tract calculations. It was weird, because she was thirty years older than me and she definitely was spending way too much money on the fancy tutor (me). I helped her as best as i could and definitely was a good teacher and tutor but i kind of feel bad that they have to pay almost a hundred dollars for something i do to my sister and neighbor for free. Although i felt bad, I do understand that she is paying for confidence, confirmation and a experienced tutor to come to her house. Im sure just on gas alone i spent money making the trip.

Guys get your kids tutors, it’ll definitely help them in the long run, and it will teach them how to work in groups. Plus it will give them confidence, in other words a tutor is a smart helpful cheerleader 🙂


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