Happy Groundhog Day

Most Californians don’t know what Groundhog Day really is because most Californians dont really know what winter is. But every february since i was about 2, my father would play us Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day and every year we would talk about how cool it would be to reapeat a day over and over. You could do anything and the next morning wake up like it never happened.

When i was five, my best friend moved about a ten minute drive away and for us that was a longs way away, even though we still went to the same school. So that year i picked the day my parents took us to Disneyland instead of school because we couldnt play with each other as much as we use to. Oh that was the greatest day.

When i was 15 I had been dating my boyfriend at the time for a little over a year and i thought how great it was that in two weeks i would have a boyfriend again for Valentines day. If i could i would repeat the last valentines day over and over. Getting flowers every period at school. Having him make us lunch and finally an amazing dinner at Olive Garden, he was 16 (just turned) and could drive.

When i was 21. I remember saying the day i was in Venice Italy with my best friend (yes the same best friend from when i was 5) . Being in Europe not a worry in the world, a what a great day to relive. I could do anything. One day go see the pope, the next spend a 100 euros to go on a gondola ride and it always be a day in venice when i woke up the next morning, next to my best friend.

Two years later, Im 23 and if i could i would pick yesterday to relive over and over and over. Yesterday was the perfect day. I woke up went to work for a few hours (the tutoring gig) came home spend some time with my grandparents and went to the gym. Had a late lunch with my best friend at Trumps Golf Course. Then spend the rest of the day with my parents sister and brother watching TV and hanging out. Around 10 oclock i drove to LA to work at the club (hostess) and not only did i see Dave Matthews but i got to talk to him. Throughout the night i saw a lot of famous faces. Today i thought wow if i could i would ask them all the questions i could. Each day pick a celebrity and spend all night with them. It would be an amazing day. At work its professional to not act like celebrities are celebrities we just pretend they are co-workers or friends.

Happy Groundhog Day. Hoping Phil sees his shadow!!!


One response to “Happy Groundhog Day

  1. Traditions about having animals predict the seasons, or the coming crops, must be very old. The ancients talked with beasts, or at least they thought they did. They really believed this—it was no metaphor.

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