Car News!

This morning I woke up to a phone call about a friends car being vandalized and then as I turn my TV on to get dressed I see that a car in my neighborhood had been thrown into the hills and apparently another car was found even closer to my parents place.

It’s kind of scary to think that in my neighborhood behind gates and with watch guards people can still get through and steal or property and damage what is ours. Seriously taking property is not nice, if you really want something come to our door and ask, we’re nice people we’ll help if we can. Wed rather give you some cash as oppose to spend another sixty grand replacing a car.

Thankfully my siblings and I have all gone to USC so we are a little more conscious of keeping our things safe. We definitely know that in out garage I could leave all the doors open and not even Shia Labeouf will go near the car but sometimes things happen. So we have learned to close the gate, put the cars in the garage and close the garage and take the keys with us. Thankfully today’s technology allows for my keys to always be in my purse and when I walk far enough it will lock itself and the windows will go up incase I forget.

I just hope that people will stop burglarizing and stealing what isn’t theirs. Obviously I know times are tough. They are tough for all Americans. Just how I have to get a tutoring job even though I am still applying to medical school, you should get a job (not a career) and start slowly. Then you wouldn’t have to steal. It sucks having to put things into safes just because people are not considerate of what isn’t theirs.


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