What a change…

Its weekends like the one i am about to embark on that make me glad i am young and single….

…i guess before i begin i should enlighten you with saying the past two weeks i have been ridiculously busy. Between traveling for valentines day, mardi gras and the superbowl. A lot has happened. Sometime last month one of my moms friends asked if i could watch her kids for a few days while her and her fiance go off on a romantic vacation. I wasnt traveling and had no real plans, plus it was my moms friend, so i said yes.  Turns out a weekend trip turned into a five day trip thursday to monday. So for the last 24 hours i have been playing mommy to a teenage boy, who’s siblings call the cave man because he rarely talks and stays in his room downstairs, and two very energetic elementary school kids. Now i’ve babysat before and quiet often too. But usually my job is to order pizza, put on a movie, make sure they brush their teeth and go to bed right before mom or dad come home.

This was not the case yesterday, between waking up at 6:30 to make lunches and breakfast, getting them ready and driving carpool to school i was exhausted and half asleep. Then i had the day to myself which was nice, i went home and slept and had lunch with my usual friends but had to leave early for school pick up. Then it started, the baseball practice, the homework, the dinner, the teeth brushing and showering. Haha and these are good kids that do what they are told when they’re told. I think its just me and this definitely lets me know that i am soo not ready for kids. That being said now i did another round of lunches, breakfasts and carpool and am about to embark on about 60 hours of uninterrupted babysitting wow!!!! Lets hope they can run and keep up today so theyre exhausted and sleep in tomorrow!!!


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