Blast from the Past

Okay i swear i am not in high school anymore! Im not even in college anymore but sometimes the little girl in me comes out and gets really shy. I dont know if i have made it clear but i recently graduated college and moved back to my old home town with my parents!!!!

Don’t take pity on me! Envy me, it is one of the best set ups i can hope for. I have a few temporary jobs while i am applying and interviewing for medical school. But mostly fun things like promoting, hosting parties in LA and tutoring. Anyways back to “blast from the past” Today i saw two people from my far past, about five years ago and it was so wierd. I totally picked up my cell phone and pretended to text anyone, even though i had at least 8 unanswered texts and a few emails and calls. I was just pressing buttons, nothing made sense! I think i accidently erased some numbers. Lol

The two people were my childhood’s best friends older brothers (not the same best friend now but my high school partner in crime). Now her brother was a stud in high school and about a year after graduation I went to USC and she went to Notre Dame, i ran into her brother and we started talking. I was at school, so relationships were just fun and she got word that i “broke” his heart and i still havent talked to her. I apologized and told her i just wasnt interested but there was nothing i could do.  Anyways i was at the gym when i ran into him, he looked the same, came over and said hello but luckily my phone rang, so it was an excuse to get away. I was so nervous, my heart pounded for maybe an hour, well at least 20 minutes before the other blast.

You know that first crush you have thats not necessarily out of your league but for some reason you and him just never happened. Well Dustin was my first crush in the sixth grade and although I batted my eyelashes and flirted with him and his friends, i ended up dating his best friend in high school for about 18 month. When i ran into him today it literally took my breath away. Seriously i got so red and almost fell off of the elliptical machine. Luckily i caught myself and pretended to go for my Gatorade. He came over and said hi and I was not only nervous but i was out of breath. I smiled and asked how he was and told him id say bye before I was finished working out. I finished as quickly as possible and did my streches as deep and long as possible. (Im hurting now) Then went to the bathroom to freshen up and went over to say bye. I didn’t get a number but about an hour ago i got a text from an unknown number saying it was great to run into me.

I havent answered back because I am not sure if its my old best friends brother or if its my crush. Hoping its the latter!!! Fingers crossed!

Sometimes the little girl in you just jumps out and takes over.


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