Poor Little Rich Girl

Maybe you’ve finished reading Collins new book and maybe you haven’t. Either way let me tell you without spoiling the plot, if for some reason Denver and Bobby end up together let me fill you in on what will happen. Please don’t think i am bitter, because i most definitely am not but after so many fairy tales ending the same way i think i can say that this is what will most likely happen.

If you haven’t read the story let me tell you Denver is a workaholic who has made a name for herself, like my friends and I. Bobby is the guy who tells himself that he is self-made but he has daddy and mommys rep all over his name. See the truth is that my friends and i have dated the same type of guy as bobby. We all grew up in LA and I for one am not heir to bloomingdales or anything else on that level, but i have worked pretty hard to get where i am today and although the last bf thought he had worked hard for what he has maybe he did but it was a little easier for him. Now when i was dating him i though just like Denver, he is perfect, rich on his own, his dad is even more rich, he makes me laugh when no one else can, he tickles me even though im not ticklish and most of all he made me feel like i was in love and he was in love with me.

Months later, i have to stay in LA because work is in LA and he moves to NYC because his work is in NYC and sure we could both transfer to one city or move to chicago and both start over but we didnt. We decided to only see each other three days a week. He would fly in thursdays and leave sundays every other weekend and i would on the weekends in between. At first it was great, but soon we got busy and we both got in trouble for missing so many fridays so we started leaving saturday mornings and sunday evenings and then somewhere along the line we grew tired and he cheated. Yes America, he cheated! Oh well. Let me just tell you maybe Bobby claims he is not like Frankie, but maybe he is!!!

Good day LA!


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