Movie lines


Maybe its just me, maybe its belonging to my family, maybe its living in la, maybe its part of being in the enterainment industry….whatever it is I definitely feel like i watch too much tv…now the reason i say this is because each and every day i find myself quoting some friends line or some random line from a movie.

For example. Five minutes ago I decided to blog but i wasnt sure what the last thing i blogged was and it was about TV and how my life relates to a certain character. Call me a ego-tistical self absorbed LA girl because i deserve it….i definitely think that every character out their somehow is a rendition of me or gets me somehow even though i am a complicated young educated woman. For example i thought to myself as I read and contemplated my last date two days ago…i am definitely single because i want to. The guy from the wedding date was definitely right.

Now sure i dont want to send the rest of my life alone, but i also do not want my life to be defined by some guy. Now i think when i fall in love with the right guy, I will want to quit work, marry him and mother his children. I think this because i naturally feel that this is inevitable. Hopefully by this time i will have established myself as a serious physician and have enough to raise a reasonable sized family. But not til i hit 30!!!


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