Falling in love…

Remember the first time you bought your first pair of ferragamos? Did it not feel like falling in love for the first time? When he whispered those three magical words into your ear. Oh today as i sat at saks and tried on my first slingback louboutin all of these emotions rushed back into my head.

suddenly i was blushing. A teenage girl tat had fallen in love for the first time and not with a dreamy boy but with my mary jane slingback heeled christian louboutins. The moment was so great i think i proclaimed that i could die and die happy.

You might think o what a spoil brat, so she now wears a 900 dollar pair of heels. Its not the price or the label, its the shoe. This is not my first louboutin and too be honest because the Kardashians drop the louboutin name every episode they are not really that rare anymore. But these particular ones are heaven sent.

Thank You. I have sworn not to buy a new pair of shoes in two months.



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