This weekend was one of my best friend’s celebration for her 26th birthday. Wow!!! Although I am not even 25, it makes me think how fast I am getting old. At this birthday, there were a couple I-bankers, some consultants, short of a CFO and a couple EVPs it would have been my parents holiday party with people only a few years older than I but relatively farther ahead than me in life 😦 What am I doing with my life, you ask???? Living it and loving every second of it!!!!

Now as much as I love my friends I also love what I do. Unlike my friends and their friends, who hate their long meaningless but well-paid jobs, I love what I do! I’m in the middle of medical school applications and I love all the time I spent working at the hospital and writing personal statements about how awesome I am!!!! I know in five years ill have my practice and still love what I do, I just hope that this holiday season, ol’ saint nick brings my friends some appreciation for their great jobs especially in this recession.



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