Christmas Card Delight!!!


Wheres the Christmas

Every year there are a few more people that I think about adding to my Christmas card list. Since I am in my early 20’s and live with my parents, I usually hand my mother a list of names and addresses. The list has grown exponentially since I started working…especially because I want to keep clients happy. Specific and good clients that really bring business, the company handles and I attach a signature and a “Merry Christmas, Love Nancy.” But what about everyone else….old high school friends, college pals, coworkers and people who have really made a difference in your life….

Our Christmas cards are the usual Californian Christmas card every year, a picture of all of us on vacation, or in the mountains or next to a humongous tree somewhere, maybe Disneyland, time square…it really just depends if we all were able to get together during the holidays and capture a Kodak moment.

This Christmas however she went to hallmark and bought tons of Christmas cards and personally wrote sweet messages for each and every one. Five years ago my list sat at about 7, every year I add three or four people and at the new year anyone who send me a card so in total about 6 sometimes 8 a year. This year my list sat at 30. 30??? Really??? I think what im going to do is send everyone who send me one last year and the extra few of the people who I met this year…

Thoughts. Should I just run to Costco and scan a family photo with a Merry Christmas attached and have them do the work 🙂 Haha


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