Every year I tell myself that I will read 13 books in that year; since I was old enough to start asking my parents to take me to the bookstore. When I was ten they let me walk to the bookstore 15 minutes away on my own every two weeks. A couple years ago they got me my first electronic reader and reading 13 books in a year is easily doable.

In a month I easily spend fifty or sixty dollars on books and that’s not including textbooks every august and January. Its not surprising that my coffee bill for the month is double my book bill usually is. I haven’t ran the numbers.

Last month I made a somewhat bigger purchase and have made my way through about 4 of the 14 books I choose. Sure some of the books might seem like chick flicks, but I always toss in a few political books, some best sellers and a few mind testers.

1.     The Atlas Of Love By Laurie Frankel

2.     Decision Point By George Bush

3.     The Elegance Of The Hedgehog By Muriel Barbery

4.     The Wednesday Sisters By Meg Waite Clayton

5.     One Day By David Nicholls

6.     Chosen By Chandra Hoffman

7.     The Tower, The Zoo, And The Toroise By Julia Stuart

8.     I’m With Stupid By Elaine Szewczyk

9.     The Postmistress By Sarah Blake

10. The Privileges By Jonathan Dee

11. Stori Telling By Tori Spelling

12. Love Or Something Like It By Deirdre Shaw

13. The Invisible Wall By Harry Bernstein

14. Saving Max By Antoinette Van Heugten

15. Dangerous To Know By Tasha Alexander

16. Firefly Lane By Kristin Hannah

17. Lost Symbol By Dan Brown

18. A Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens (because Oprah)

19. Decoded By Jay Z



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