Have you ever wondered why Brangelina have adopted so many kids they could be their own baseball did…well up to yesterday I never really cared. So they were giving a couple of hungry kids a better life. That’s awesome!

Well I just finished reading Chandra Hoffman’s “Chosen” and it was all but okay. I make it a rule to pick a couple of books every few weeks and read at least a hundred pages before I delete it. I read about 100 pages and I kept asking myself why I hadn’t put it down yet. It was an easy read…I felt myself skimming through the Frannie part and wishing that the Paul character had more to say. Needless to say that at the end of the day I finished Hoffman’s book and realized that the reason she wrote the book was mostly to tell a story about how the life of one child, one baby, one Wyeth can change the lives of a lot of people. This child affected at least five different families and changed all of their lives drastically.

The Book was like I said just okay but at the end although come of the relationships finally happened; there were a lot of things about the ending that were just not needed. First off Mrs. Hoffman if your demographic is women I hope its not women who have families and want to do social work or women who ever want to have families. I’ve never wanted to do social work but as I was reading this book I thought, “that’s something I could be really good at” but by the end it changed to “maybe id be good at it but it definitely ruins lives and doesn’t allow someone to live their own life”

I would’ve taken a different approach to ending this book, first I wouldn’t have made the last few chapters anonymous and second I wouldn’t have developed a relationship that wasn’t meant to develop. In the end the protagonist of the story should decide what she decides because of love and not because it feels so good when the hammer stops hitting you.

Adopting a baby should be the hope that those who cannot bear children have. Don’t make it into anything more scary or negative than it should be. Even if it’s the truth and scary, we should see it from the difficulties of the young moms giving up babies and not from the social worker who cant justify why she still does her job. But it did get people thinking about children and adopting and that’s always a good thing. We thank brad and Angelina for giving needy children an opportunity.



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