Quarter life crisis

Today was a mini vacation…a quasi-blast into the past. My three college best friends and I went to enjoy cheap warm beers as we cheered on the trojans to beat the bruins. A few years ago a baseball game was one of us carrying a big purse to sneak in beers while we sat complaining about classes and not having enough money to shop. Two years out of college, we now have “real-lives” calling us old and money to buy our drinks and nice dinners. yet….

…we complain. They say when you’re an ambitious woman of our generation you want three things a great job, an amazing place to live and an honest boyfriend. Being 25 in LA, you’re not only expected to have these three things but also be in great shape and be able to stay out til 2 am on Friday nights. Now in reality, four of us girls got together today to attend a game at the dodger stadium. All we could talk about was how not having one of these things made us feel like we were losing this battle called life. 3 out of 4 of us were single, 2 recently single. 1 of us was about to go into grad school and 2 hated their jobs and the others well they still lived with their parents.

Now being 25 holds something completely different than our parents who are anywhere from 41 to 51. Basically because times have changes, women are stronger and more independent but mostly because the economy has changed and we no longer are expected to cook and have a five year old by the time we are 30.

In light of things we know that we are lucky, we all graduated from USC. We all have jobs or are going to medical or law school. But how come we think turning 25 and not having all of these three things makes us any less accomplished than the 28 year old investment banker that just bought his first house in Pasadena. Honestly we have the rest of our lives for responsibilities….I hope all those under 30 year-olds out there learn to enjoy life and not take it too seriously 🙂



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