I cant even remember the last time i posted something…

Forgive me but I have been busy. I have now moved out of LA 😦 and into the San Fransisco Bay!!!! It is definitely a different world and I am not quiet sure I love it as much as LA….but I am happy 🙂

I practically read for a living…and although i read the first 15 pages of almost every books, there are books that I definitely continue reading and finish!

Lately Ive been reading a lot of books written by both men and women that have just met someone with the first 20 pages on match.com. I being as young and social as I am have not made the conscious decision not to join a internet dating site, but i do understand all of those who do.

I like meeting new people, but i regularly meet new people, so I dont need another job that ties me to my computer/phone/ipad to check if a cute guy has taken an interest. Im new to norcal so I get enough of that as I do dinner at nice places.

My favorite passage this month has been

“We were the heiresses to a woman’s movement that had broken the world wide open. But we were completely making it up as we went along at work, at home, in our own minds, trying to be both our mothers and our fathers simultaneously. That is not easy”

-Anna Quindlen


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