Last time I say…


if only i had a guy everything would be great!!!

I met up with the girls last weekend for a night on the town and of us four only one was in a relationship and she seemed to be the most unhappy. Although we all advised her to break up with the guy if she is so unhappy and find another one it continues. (Sorry girl) ….but we all agreed that although a guy in our lives would be nice, we are not desperately seeking just any guy!!! Agreeing with the overall message of Mari Passananti!!

This book is one of those book that makes you think…oh gosh I’m 25 living a great life and sure the only thing missing is a hot guy who is living a life just a bit more fabulous than mine…but you dont according to this book. Figure out who you are first and than it will come.

Whether you want to say “if you build it, they will come” or “You’ll find it as soon as you stop looking” This book is for you!!!

Was an easy read and by the end you ask yourself “Oh no, now I will never know what happens to Zoe”


2 responses to “Last time I say…

  1. maripassananti

    Hi Nancy! Thanks so much for this post. What a great surprise to see your review pop up in my Google Alerts this morning. I’m so glad you enjoyed THE HAZARDS. Hope things start looking up for your friend.
    All best, Mari

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