all the right places…


All the right thing in all the right places!!!

Remember those coincidental moments when you thought that Lady Antebellum sang about the specific situation you were going through as you were driving down pacific coast highway. Remember when you told yourself that it was meant to be when you bought those 500 dollar Tory Burch boots because they were forty percent off.

It seems like in every phase of my life or with whatever I am doing, two completely different things collide so perfectly that its hard to see as a mere coincidence. When i was in college studying Biochemistry was tough but it was easier to memorize all of my amino acids and their functions if i had mastered the 12 different styles that Italian painters used in the 1400s….oh did i mention i got a dual degree in Biochemistry and Italian

Now Im into reading, mostly because it’s my job to read. Think of me as Oprahs book section but with more viewers. Haha. I wish!!!! Maybe one day. Well as I have just started two very great books that Im suppose to review by tomorrow and am leisurely reading the Paris Wife a little late. I find it impoosible to be a coincidence how two different books by different authors about completely different things can flow so well together. I feel like I am reading Strayed’s Wild but based in the 20s, and how the mother daughter relationship is so important. One book holds the powerful vision of the daughters point of view while the other raves about her daughter and everything she has to offer the world. Very much like Some Assembly required but with a bit less men and more women. I cannot wait to finish all of the new books that are coming out this summer. Mostly because how in a world so big and grand two things can always meet, just like two people can always meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. Well,as happily ever after as reality allows.

I urge you to read this summer, work out this summer, eat healthy, do one of the things on your bucket list that you wrote on there even though you didn’t really want to because its one of those far reach ones. We only have one life to live, lets live it to its fullest!!!!


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