Not so insignificant


It’s funny to think of the insignificant things you remember during those most significant breath taking moments. Whether it catches you by surprise, whether it’s a strong positive serendipitous surprise or that kind I would not hope even for my worst enemy. It’s those small things surrounding us that we remember when we recount our stories.

You call your best friend to tell her you just got engaged, you talk about the specifics, the rock, the place, the moment, “did you cry?” every little detail gets played back just like you’re watching an episode of friends or sex and the city for the niner-th time.

I’m in books now, I can’t say what or where….but I love it! But I still am applying to med school! I haven’t lost hope yet, let’s pray I never do!!!

I just knew I had to give this paragraph more than a page in a book; I needed it to give it life. Because if anything, it’s the insignificant things that make life that much sweeter….it’s the smallness we take for granted

“For effect he said, “It was nothing, nothing at all. Just some kissing.”

He tried to put his arm around me, which would have been a victory any other time, but I fled, leaving him standing in front of a window full of chocolate shortbread and caramel-covered oatmeal bars. I ducked into the gardens of New College, stumbled through the rose bushes, and collapsed against a brick wall that had been built in the middle ages to fortress the town against…”

Eloquently put, if I may say so myself!!!

Always living the Dream



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