You’ll forgive….

…me, if I have been a tad bit lazy!

In the life of my clients I never hear a no! We want to go to CES, the packers game, the seahawks game and be in time for dinner with the family on sunday!!! Sure why not!

Fortunately we started off the week well, worked a lot! VIP trip to CES for my clients as I stayed behind and worked….and off to the games! I felt like harry potter going to the quidditch world cup! I was impressed with the magnificent private jets, the glamorous box seats when I didnt even think it was possible to buy tickets so last minute!!! But I guess when you’re big enough in new york, you’re big enough everywhere!

I love publishing!!!

Although I am heartbroken for Pete Carrolls loss today, it was such a good close game!! I will forever love Pete, Big Balls Pete that is!!!

Off to start another week, lets see what happens next!!! Sorry to say I hardly had a moment to breathe and call my parents let alone blog!!!!


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