Three might be a crowd…

652x470xthrees-a-crowd.jpg.pagespeed.ic.x9uFxpk6UfLately I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I don’t really like my boyfriends’ friends and how much I don’t like my friends boyfriends/girlfriends!! Now I started wondering if maybe it was just me!!!

The funny thing is I usually like everyone, there are a few people who rub me the wrong way but I’m from LA; I’ve learned to be fake when necessary!!! I have come to the realization that it’s not just me. My boyfriend and friends also don’t like my best friends’ boyfriends and my buddies’ girlfriends.

I’ve taken to calling my guy friends buddies cause it makes the boy feel weird when I say this is my friend in public (Creep) lol!

Also my friends don’t like my boyfriends’ friends, they swear they like my guy but not his friends!! I just don’t know!!!

Maybe I just need to stop stressing and realize I am not going to love everyone!!!!


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