Ignorance is bliss…


“Some things, as I [have discovered], were best left a blur”

Alright, alright maybe all of you have had it with my never ending quotes. I quote tv shows, movies, people, books, quotes in books. I just feel like things have been so eloquently put that, hey if I “give credit, where credit is due” It’s fine. I think it very well is….

It’s Saturday night and in a rush to get ready, okay not really. I will rush to get ready soon I read the first few pages of “I think I love You” which brings me back to my lovely quote. It is so right on. I recently saw “Mama” and I feel like Victoria getting glasses for the first time as an 8 year old. All along I’ve been with a metaphorical monster and haven’t been able to see it, vision impaired and all. Okay JD is not a monster, he is actually a very great guy, but now I see something that I can’t stop seeing ever. I can’t help but think maybe “ignorance is bliss” or “some things as I would discover, were best left a blur”


I’m happy to say that I am enjoying the opening pages of this Allison Pearson novel. Let’s see how this book goes. It might be a little young adult for me….but hey when did I get old?


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