Happy Valentines Day

I might have started one of my previous blogs this very way but maybe because that’s just who I am. This Valentine’s Day, though it’s very different than every other I have ever had, I’ve learned that I have to stick to who I am. Now on to the real thing…

…Remember that opening scene of the holiday, where Kate Winslet is talking about sad love. How does Rose from Titanic, get so unlucky in love! First Jack drowns…oh when I think of that scene looking back I think of a good love. How he loves her, she loves him and everyone can be happy together!!!

Last year against everyone’s judgment I made a huge life choice. I moved to a different city, where I knew no one for a job that I wasn’t supposed to be working at. Looking back, I could’ve stayed but I have met some incredible people and realized things about my life that only on days like this Valentine’s Day I can appreciate. My best friend moved to Washington, the rest of them well they’re in LA trying to find a life. I have about 3 lives, one in the bay, one in LA and my work life.

…But back to love! For everyone out there who has had the honor of getting your breath taken away by hearing those three little words and seeing that look in his eyes! Happy Valentine’s Day


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