“But one day…for this is a story and there must be a ‘one day’!!!”

Maybe it isn’t the opening or even the hook for this new book I’ve just embarked on. But just like “little did he know” or “once upon a time” it definitely intrigued me.

I think this new style of writing as if you are telling a bed time story about your past is something i find extremely compelling! Think of “Big Fish”. Although it isnt the absolute truth, it is an elaboration of the truth and it helps you see the world in such a beautiful light!

Growing up, I was the eldest of three daughters so by the time my dad got around to my bed time story, i usually got read to. Whether it was Jurassic Park that night or another Fancy Nancy book…I was the one reading. Later in life when my dad and i started sharing notes on books we were reading. We found that those that intrigued us where those with a variable of truth! Something like Gilbert’s “& Sons” or any one of Dan Browns Novels.

I dont usually get nostalgic off of a book…but this one brought back special memories of growing up that i cherish now, being so far away from my family and loved ones 🙂


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