I love the idea of blogging and people reading what i think is worthwhile to say, blame facebook and instagram for my constant need to capture the moment and show it off.

But i actually don’t blog too often, mostly because I spend 10-16 hours a day at my computer on the job! Digital Reading Business, oh the publishing world! That’s not to say I don’t take time for me, I am in LA every weekend to be with my friends and families. So between working and travelling it gives me very little time for blogging, pinning and or anything else that needs constant nursing! I havent even been able to get a puppy 😦 But I am the kind of girl that is only happy when I’m busy and a tiny bit overwhelmed. I have big dreams, so many things i want to do and cannot wait to do.

If you want to know keep reading, if you dont thats fine! I work in publishing so the main points of my post will be around some quote or character of a book! I am also a Trojan and a real west coast LA type of girl!


…Fast Forward 3 or so years…

…I am currently a 23 year old girl who graduated from USC Biochemistry in 2009, went to Italy to expensively play for a few months and then went back to SC and graduated “again” with a second degree in Italian.

For the past 6 months I have been living in San Pedro back with my parents unemployed with very promising prospects of applying to Medical School. In the last six months, I have taken the MCAT, learned how to cook reasonably, do yoga mindlessly, speak German barely and live totally happy!!

Sailing Lago di Garda

On a journey to watch a friends band play across the lago, we realized there was no bridge and we had to sail there! Too bad we didnt see George Clooney!

Colesium from Beyond



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  1. I like your blog. Very thoughtful and real.

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