Books I Love



I just finished Sloan’s book! I loved it…the ending was not what I was expecting but i truly fell in love with the main character! I liked that he sort of fell into a job that took over his life in a way he really enjoyed and loved! I’m sort of new to the bay (Its been 9 months or 270 days but about 100 days have been spent in LA and about 60 out of town for work)…Im near google which is cool, and learning to do a lot of the things that Kat is doing!

I think this book that mixes the world of books and technology together really is a great way to start a blog about the books I am reading!!!

I am currently reading

1. MWF Seeking BFF

2. Gone Girl

3. Comeback Love


and plan on reading

1. The House on Paradise Street

2. The Happiness Project

3. Parlor Games


Hopefully within the next few weeks Ill report back 🙂



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