Happy Valentines Day

I might have started one of my previous blogs this very way but maybe because that’s just who I am. This Valentine’s Day, though it’s very different than every other I have ever had, I’ve learned that I have to stick to who I am. Now on to the real thing…

…Remember that opening scene of the holiday, where Kate Winslet is talking about sad love. How does Rose from Titanic, get so unlucky in love! First Jack drowns…oh when I think of that scene looking back I think of a good love. How he loves her, she loves him and everyone can be happy together!!!

Last year against everyone’s judgment I made a huge life choice. I moved to a different city, where I knew no one for a job that I wasn’t supposed to be working at. Looking back, I could’ve stayed but I have met some incredible people and realized things about my life that only on days like this Valentine’s Day I can appreciate. My best friend moved to Washington, the rest of them well they’re in LA trying to find a life. I have about 3 lives, one in the bay, one in LA and my work life.

…But back to love! For everyone out there who has had the honor of getting your breath taken away by hearing those three little words and seeing that look in his eyes! Happy Valentine’s Day


Ignorance is bliss…


“Some things, as I [have discovered], were best left a blur”

Alright, alright maybe all of you have had it with my never ending quotes. I quote tv shows, movies, people, books, quotes in books. I just feel like things have been so eloquently put that, hey if I “give credit, where credit is due” It’s fine. I think it very well is….

It’s Saturday night and in a rush to get ready, okay not really. I will rush to get ready soon I read the first few pages of “I think I love You” which brings me back to my lovely quote. It is so right on. I recently saw “Mama” and I feel like Victoria getting glasses for the first time as an 8 year old. All along I’ve been with a metaphorical monster and haven’t been able to see it, vision impaired and all. Okay JD is not a monster, he is actually a very great guy, but now I see something that I can’t stop seeing ever. I can’t help but think maybe “ignorance is bliss” or “some things as I would discover, were best left a blur”


I’m happy to say that I am enjoying the opening pages of this Allison Pearson novel. Let’s see how this book goes. It might be a little young adult for me….but hey when did I get old?

Parents visiting…

So I have moved an hour flight outside of los angeles! It takes probably just as long to fly to me than it takes to drive to my brother or sisters places….somehow i manage to visit my parents and get visited more often. 


I love it when they come, I get to do all those cheesy things and try out new restaurants! Plus i love having them around. 


I miss living close to my parents, but i guess an hour flight isnt that far….Lucky me 🙂

Three might be a crowd…

652x470xthrees-a-crowd.jpg.pagespeed.ic.x9uFxpk6UfLately I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I don’t really like my boyfriends’ friends and how much I don’t like my friends boyfriends/girlfriends!! Now I started wondering if maybe it was just me!!!

The funny thing is I usually like everyone, there are a few people who rub me the wrong way but I’m from LA; I’ve learned to be fake when necessary!!! I have come to the realization that it’s not just me. My boyfriend and friends also don’t like my best friends’ boyfriends and my buddies’ girlfriends.

I’ve taken to calling my guy friends buddies cause it makes the boy feel weird when I say this is my friend in public (Creep) lol!

Also my friends don’t like my boyfriends’ friends, they swear they like my guy but not his friends!! I just don’t know!!!

Maybe I just need to stop stressing and realize I am not going to love everyone!!!!

Watching a movie alone



What do we think….


all of my friends have seen it or are too far to go see it with….

….should i go alone?

Oh how i miss….


I miss seeing my best friends daily. We didnt have a sex and the city relationship, we all had full time jobs, but i got to see them regularly! Spending time with my sisters, still see them on the weekends but its getting harder and harder.

I miss the beach!

I miss dancing partied at greystone on Wednesdays!

I miss knowing the dj at clubs!!

I miss my parents house!

I miss my family!

I miss shopping at the grove! Santana Row is so not the same!!!

I miss the weather!

I miss people who appreciate the lakers, the dodgers, the trojans, the kings, the clippers, the angels!!!!!

I cant wait to move back to LA, NorCal, its been fun!!! But Im an LA girl!!


You’ll forgive….

…me, if I have been a tad bit lazy!

In the life of my clients I never hear a no! We want to go to CES, the packers game, the seahawks game and be in time for dinner with the family on sunday!!! Sure why not!

Fortunately we started off the week well, worked a lot! VIP trip to CES for my clients as I stayed behind and worked….and off to the games! I felt like harry potter going to the quidditch world cup! I was impressed with the magnificent private jets, the glamorous box seats when I didnt even think it was possible to buy tickets so last minute!!! But I guess when you’re big enough in new york, you’re big enough everywhere!

I love publishing!!!

Although I am heartbroken for Pete Carrolls loss today, it was such a good close game!! I will forever love Pete, Big Balls Pete that is!!!

Off to start another week, lets see what happens next!!! Sorry to say I hardly had a moment to breathe and call my parents let alone blog!!!!