Yoga Journey

Sometimes it seems that our world is going faster than the speed of light, and when we stop to take a look at where we are, we sometimes see a list of accomplishments but do we ever feel like we are ever really making a difference in the world. I dont know about you but as a college graduate at this point i thought i would be somewhere deep in El Salvador helping my ancestors get the western medicine they need without having to leave there home or give very much up.

Maybe I am not doing this yet, but something i have grown to learn is that i must take life one step at a time, one day at a time. You might be asking yourself what this has to do with Yoga and really I am not sure. But what i think I am talking about is a balance of life. If every one who could would try to find balance and good in the world, not necessarily by practicing yoga but by relaxing, i think one of the best words of advice i got was from my yoga instructor

” Its not about changing the world in a big way, but its about changing the energy of the world. Restoring balance to mother earth by restoring balance to your body and most imporantly to your life. Namaste” ~ Not exactly word for word.

My yoga instructor asked us to send her  a biweekly update of what we thought of the class and had her assistant make my emails a blog. And so here they are


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